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About Me: 9.5 pounds | Age: 4 year old| Gender: Male


Walking down the red carpet today we have Dyson, the Romeo of Poodles (well, poodle-mixes)!  He will charm the pants off you with his Paul Newman eyes and his George Clooney looks but he has a bit of that young Sean Penn Hollywood attitude mixed in, too.

Dyson’s had a long string ill-suited homes, including time at the shelter, and each time he tries so hard to be a good boy but he’s allowed to become too possessive of his favorite person and so now he’s in foster care looking for the perfect home.  Dyson will do best with a mature, well-established single woman, man or a couple providing they are comfortable setting boundaries and keeping them and if a couple, they’re BOTH on the same page re. training.  Dyson enjoys going for walks on his leash and exploring all the sights and sounds around him but he can get growly when another dog approaches so working with him on redirection is necessary.  He loves riding in the car and meeting new people (carefully) as well as running around his fenced-in yard.  He would love nothing more than to curl up with you and be your best friend but he needs to learn he’s not the boss first!

We are looking for someone who is around for much of the day who is willing and able to take Dyson to POSITIVE BASED training classes – no shock collars, vibrating collars, prong collars – just positive praise, treats, and affection.  Dyson responds beautifully to re-direction using treats and “focus”.  He will absolutely thrive in the right environment and that’s what we’re committed to finding for Dyson.  A home with a securely fenced in yard, without a lot of comings and goings and one without children, is a must.  Dyson requires his previous owner to have lots of dog experience and ownership. For Dyson to succeed, we will not make any exceptions.  Dyson is fine with his foster brothers and sisters so another dog or two in the house would be okay.

Dyson is being fostered in Upstate NY.  After a home visit, applicants will need to drive to NY to meet Dyson (about 35 minutes south of Albany).

If you can’t adopt right now but still want to help the dogs, consider becoming an Angel.  Please click on the Angel link below to be directed to the Angel page.