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About Me: 8 lbs | 1.5 years | Female


We were contacted by a shelter about a little poodle-mix who was surrendered to the shelter in horrific condition. Once they were able to remove her matted coat (in one entire piece) they realized that something was terribly wrong with her jaw and reached out to us for help.

Once in our care, we had her evaluated by a dental specialist and he determined that the right side of Frannie’s lower jaw is torqued, causing her canine tooth to poke up into her soft pallet (yikes, painful). The right side lower canine tooth is pointing forward making it impossible for her mouth to close properly and the upper right side has crowding teeth which will cause issues as she ages. Frannie had surgery to correct things as best as possible and was spayed at the same time. Frannie’s tongue hangs out and she eats from the side of her mouth but that only makes her more endearing! She’s completely recovered and life is good for Frannie!

Considering all she’s been through in her short 1 1/2 year life, Frannie loves curl up on her foster mother’s lap and snuggle. She also loves lots of space to zoom around while chasing her foster brothers! Frannie is nervous around new people and appears very fearful of men so we’re looking for a home with no children and preferably one or two women.  Frannie will require a fenced-in yard because she LOVES to run around and explore. She also would like some other young playmates, her size (8 pounds) to play with since chase-me is one of her favorite games! Frannie spent her first year in what we can only imagine were absolutely horrible conditions so an ideal home is also one with someone home for most of the time to make sure she gets all the snuggles and love she wants!

Frannie is being fostered in Upstate NY – about 1/2 south of Albany and a 2 1/2 drive from Boston. Interested applications will be able to meet Frannie in NY once a home visit has been done.  Frannie’s adoption fee is $500.

If you’d like to be considered for adoption, please submit an application below by clicking on the “Adopt Me” button and reviewing the information.