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Jean Pierre has been having frequent seizures lately. We are working with his vet and neurologist but feel at this time it’s in his best interest to remain with his foster family.

Dogs like Pierre, who aren’t adoptable through shelters due to their illnesses (epilepsy, diabetes, etc.), are often euthanized if rescues like PRNE can’t take them in. Please help us continue to care for Pierre by making an Angel Donation. http://poodlerescuene.org/prne2017/become-an-angel/


Pierre’s mother moved into an apartment that didn’t accept dogs so Pierre went to live with her son. For three months the son wasn’t giving Pierre his medication needed to control his epilepsy and Pierre ended up having several seizures last week. The son brought him to the vet to be euthanized. Fortunately for Pierre, the vet knew him and knew that with his medication Pierre’s epilepsy was under control and he convinced the family to take him to a shelter so they could try to find a home for him. The shelter reached out to us and Pierre is now safe and sound in his foster home.

Pierre was just neutered and had his mats removed while under anesthesia. He’s been to the vet today and is back on his regime of phenobarbital and potassium bromide. He currently weighs 13 pounds but once he gains a few more pounds, he’ll at his normal weight of 18 pounds.  Once Pierre is regulated on his medications he will have a much needed dental and will be ready to go to his new home once he’s recovered from his dental.

Epilepsy is not a big deal and Pierre’s seizures are controlled with medication. He can lead a very happy long life! Pierre is only 8 years old and likes other dogs and cats and loves to snuggle!

Pierre is now a permanent foster. Please consider making an Angel Donation to help with his care