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Size: 9 pounds | Male | Poodle-mix

Meet Mushy (pronounced moo-she). He’s a seven-month-old schnauzer- poodle mix and weighs in at 9 pounds. This little guy just loves being a dog! Given the opportunity, he would spend his days playing and chasing. He is so full of energy that obedience training is a must and his adoptive family will be expected to follow through. He romps like the puppy he is, and his foster mom is starting to do basic commands with him to get him started. He wants to play all the time but he’s catching on to “sit” and “lie” he is working on “stay” – a very smart pup, this one.

He is crate trained, knows what to do when he goes outside and he’s learning to ask to be let out. His foster brothers are setting a good example for him and Mushy happily joins them on “pee expeditions”. He enjoys playing with other dogs and he’d certainly do well with a companion who can match his exuberance, though he’d likely be just as happy having a human or two all to himself.

He has been neutered, is up to date on his vaccines and is currently on a heartworm preventative, in other words, he’s ready for adoption!

Mushy will require a home committed to taking him to training, someone home during the day and another dog to play with.  Mushy enjoys running around with his dog friends so a fenced yard is a plus.  He’s an active puppy who will do extremely well and would enjoy agility.

Mushy’s adoption fee is $600. If you’re interested, please submit an application for consideration.

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