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Size: 15 lbs | Age: 4 y/o | Gender: Male-mix

Franklin is a charming 4 year old, 15 pound mini poodle mix. Frankie’s mom, one of our foster homes, passed away suddenly. We are deeply saddened not only for Frankie, but for his dad, as well. Due to his work schedule, he feels it’s best to find a home a home for Frankie with someone who is around all the time. That’s what he is used to and for his condition, that’s what’s best for him.

Franklin was diagnosed with cricopharyngeal dysfunction, which is a swallowing disorder. The type he has is not surgically correctable, but can be managed with a watchful eye. With this condition, Frankie can choke if he eats or drinks too quickly. Therefore, he will need to be fed carefully in a special bowl with ice cubes (so he doesn’t eat too fast) and never be left alone while eating or drinking.

Frankie is a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky pup who adores everyone! He loves to play fetch, walks well in a harness and gets along with dogs his size, as well as cats.

Frankie is remaining with his father until we find his new home. If  you’re interested in adopting Franklin, please submit an application to be considered. Franklin is a very special dog and we’ll find him a very special home of his own! He is neutered and up-to-date on all his vet care.  He will require a fenced in yard and someone home during the day