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Age:  4 months | Size: 6 lbs | Gender: Male

Rusty is a darling 4-month old toy puppy who ended up in PRNE’s care when he took a tumble down the stairs and broke his leg. His family left him at the vet’s office and never returned.

Rusty isn’t phased in the least! He’s had surgery on his leg and is doing remarkably well. His foster Mom says Rusty has been a good patient and has tolerated his PT. He is a total puppy full of curiosity who wants to be with his humans all the time.

Rusty will need to remain calm – leash walks and no running or jumping – for another 2-4 weeks. He will benefit from some one-to-one training as his puppyhood has been limited and now is the time to learn all those good behaviors!

Rusty’s new home will require someone home to spend time with him (and spoil him) and work with him. He’s smart and wants to learn (he’s a poodle) so someone who’s had previous poodle puppy experience is a plus!  Rusty’s leg may never be 100%. The surgeon said it may not grow as fast as his other legs and there’s a possibility he may have a limp. His new family needs to understand and be prepared for possible future care if his leg requires it.

Rusty is an absolute doll and worth every penny! His adoption donation is $650. Please fill out an online application if you are interested in adopting Rusty.










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