Jack Black

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Age: 8 y/o | Size: 20 lbs  | Male Bichon-Poodle mix

Jack is a gentle, loving, happy-go-lucky soul who likes nothing better than to curl up at the feel of his person. He gives you a hug by pressing his forehead into you and will stand that way for as long as you’ll allow. He recently discovered the joy of chasing squeaky toys and he was like a puppy learning to play for the first time.

Jack is housetrained but has on occasion marked inside. He was recently neutered, so that behavior is apt to subside with some consistent training in his new home. His new family might want to use a belly band until he is fully accustomed to a routine. He prefers sleeping in his crate but sometimes gets anxious while trying to settle down and wants his people in the room with him until he’s truly relaxed.  

When he was first found on the streets, matted and neglected with a mouth full of rotting teeth, Jack was a bit nippy with the vet who examined him. He has since done much better with vets and groomer alike once he knows he can trust the person trying to help him.

Jack loves playing with other dogs. In fact, he barks an invitation to play at every dog he sees, which can sometimes be a bit intimidating. He seems curious but unperturbed when he encounters cats around the neighborhood. He sometimes barks at his humans when they are eating, which was probably his way of asking people to share a meal with him when he was roaming the streets.

Jack has been neutered and had a dental cleaning. (He lost a lost of those teeth that were rotting and broken from neglect and poor diet.) He has recovered from his surgeries and is in excellent health apart from a heart murmur which is not an issue now, but will need monitoring in case he requires medication in the future.

Jack deserves a caring and attentive home that will make up for lost time. He requires an adult-only, dog savvy home where his people are around and available to him. Preference given to homes with a fenced-in yard.

If you meet the requirements for Jack Black’s new home, please submit an online application to be considered. His adoption fee is $450.

Poodle Rescue of New England adopts within New England (MA, NH, VT, ME, RI, CT) and Upstate NY within 1/2 hour of Albany.  We do not adopt outside this area and we do not ship dogs.