Paige and Taylor – Courtesy Post

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Age: 11/8 yrs | Size: 40/55 lbs  | Male/Female Standard Poodles

Paige and Taylor lost their father last October.  Since then they’ve been living with family but they do NOT like cats and aren’t wild about other dogs so we are helping them find a new home together. Paige and Taylor have been very well loved and cherished and this is a sad situation but it’s in their best interest to find a new home.

Taylor is an 11 year-old, white, neutered male standard poodle who weighs 40 pounds.  He is sweet and cuddly and enjoys being pet. Paige is an 8 year-old, blue, spayed female standard poodle who weighs 55 lbs. She’s feisty, sweet and has a mind of her own. Paige has had two bouts with cancer but at her last exam in December she was cancer-free. Taylor and Paige are very bonded and are looking for a home together.

The ideal home for them is one without other pets, with a fenced in yard and enough love to shower these two for the the rest of their lives. You must have previous standard poodle experience and you must live in New England. Paige and Taylor are living in Southern, Maine and potential applicants will be required to drive there to meet them.

Please submit an application if you’re interested.  Only those who meet ALL the requirements will be considered.