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Poodles for Adoption – Poodle Rescue of New England


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Size: 10.5 lbs | Age: 13-ish y/o | Gender: Female Lambchop was found along the side of the road. She was “horrifically matted” according to the finder who had her stripped before bringing her to the shelter. Lambchop was pretty … Continued


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Update: Jean Pierre has been having frequent seizures lately. We are working with his vet and neurologist but feel at this time it’s in his best interest to remain with his foster family. Dogs like Pierre, who aren’t adoptable through … Continued


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About Me: MINI, 13 LBS | AGE: 12 | GENDER: MALE Two years ago Coco was surrendered to PRNE because his 91 year-old mother was no longer able to care for him. Coco was 10 at the time. While most … Continued