There are some angels who just want to love everyone! The following donations were given to all the Rescue Poodles.

These people are our “Guardian Angels”

For Coco, in memory of Simon ~ John Grausam.
For Frannie, in memory of my sweetest boy, Sprout ~ Ann
This is for little Trumpet~Liz Lichenstein
Susan Jahss Angle
For Muffin in memory of Roxanne~Susan McDonald
For senior care, in honor of Kya’s 7th birthday ~ love Franklin & Kitsu
In Memory of Veronica Auslander from Connie Duncan and Allan Mirsky
In Memory of Veronica Auslander from Richard Lobban Jr. and Carolyn-Fluehr Lobban
Keep up the good work for all the poodles! From Jasper and Amber
For Pebbles – Elizabeth Ross
In honor of Marjorie Lackritz – Happy Birthday Marjorie. From Gary & Kelley DiLeo
Wendy Rueger
Debbie King
Cynthia Senecal
Stephen Maguire
Karen Margagnoni
Deborah Chalak
Paul Bender – In Honor of Marjorie Lackritz
Lisa Shumway
Margaret Clark
For Lady Victoria-Elizabeth Ross
For Lady Victoria-Anne Speakman
For Lady Victoria – Bless you guys ~ Joe Riley
Mike Laverdure
Miles Benson
In Memory of James B. Hanley, D.M.D. from William T. Sylvia, Jr., D.M.D. and Carol A. Blanchard, D.D.S.
In memory and appreciation of Ella, a beautiful black standard poodle girl, loved and missed by Victoria, Victor, Katia and Alexander and her whole neighborhood.

In Honor of Lisa Lieberman’s birthday from Phil and Frannie Garland, Kenneth and Joann Greenwood and Richard and Janet Kaufman.
In memory of Lucky from Susan Portnoy
Donna Markussen
In memory of Peter McCormack. With love from the Newton nurses.
In Honor of Darby-Our standard poodle who we rescued at 2 is now 14 years old. From Judith Ostler
Susan Lee
In memory of my beloved, Tia from Judy Yannaco
In Loving Memory of Avril with Love from All the Poodles Everywhere
Kirsten Walsh
From Frankie and Friends
In honor of Rebecca, Keisha’s foster mom
In Loving Memory of Lucky from Elsa Lieberman
In Loving Memory of Lucky Lieberman From Karen Newman
In Loving Memory of Gucci from Jo Somers Campbell
For Titi, in honor of my mother Eileen from Jon Hopwood
Towards Marvin’s medical from Ellen Fritch
Special thanks to Rebecca in Maine
Help for Serena from Sharon Sullivan
Theodore C. Bestor
Jennifer Forman
Caryn Hirsch
For Lulu, in loving memory of Roxanne – Susan McDonald
Steve Curtin from Fayville Dog Walking in Memory of Quinsey
In Honor of Lexi and Cassie from Mark and Claudia Goldie

In memory of “Gracie” Blicker from the Mah Jong group
Susan Lee

Miriam Rabinovitch
Grace Billings
Debbie King
Susan Corson-Sent with love and thanks for our adorable GRACIE, a PRNE adopted cutie 12 years ago!
In Memory of Quinsey from Sarah DiGeronimo
For Sadie from Carol Hurley
In Memory of Stella, the beloved poodle of Christy Booth, from Mary Hornsby
In Honor of Lisa Lieberman’s birthday from Diane and Bruce Kline
In Honor of Blossom from Dana Folco
In Memory of Peppy from Sally Platek to help care for the permanent foster pups Sadie, Titi, and Marvin.
In Memory of Marguerite Eckner who rescued dogs and loved her poodles from Gayle Burns
In Memory of Margaret Green from Virgina Hutchins
In memory of Cricket, from Kelly Wynn
In Memory of Amanda & Ave’s Cricket. Love, Pattie

In Loving Memory of Sidney from Eileen and Pam.

Scott McGrath -This is in loving memory of Nikki, Oct 2001 – July 2014. Nikki was a great, great, toy poodle and joined our family as a rescue poodle..all those years ago. We miss her.

To all the poodles in need, from our poodle, Darwin.
In Honor of Harry and Ben from Margaret Scoppa
In Honor of Dugan, the Best Dog Ever, from Julia Bolding
In Memory of our precious Nikke in honor of my Aunt Phyllis Mack of Sun City Arizona-from Connie Veinot
In Memory of “Little Prince”-from Elizabeth Honan
Virginia Lovett
In Memory of Shelby by Kim Oliver
In Memory of Glenwood E. Densten, Jr., Father of Denise Lacroix, From Deborah Clark
In Memory of our beloved Maximilian who we adopted from PRNE 7 years ago. Winner of the largest poodle at the Poodle Picnic-From Stephen and Bauni King
In Memory of Mr. Max Sasportas from Dyan and David Kramer
In Memory of Louie from Carol Wasserloos
In Honor of Faith and Hope, 2 sister poodles whom I adopted in 2004 – Ann Hogan
In celebration of of Missy & Little Bit coming to their forever home. Michele Crown.
Susan Kelly
For Marsha and Sheldon, In memory of “Hank” with love from Ellen and Mike.
From Mimi LeBrun, In memory of Hank, “the king”, who was very much loved by Marsha and Sheldon.
Susanne Kiley
Grace Billings
Maryly La Follette
In memory of Buddy, Roxie and Grady from Moppet.
In honor of my big rescue boy, Darby (10 years ago from PRNE), who is a joy! From Judith Ostler
In Memory of “Little Prince” my white mini poodle adopted in 2000. From Elizabeth Honan
Jennifer Forman
Anne Speakman
Victoria and Theodore Bestor
Judith Frasca
Caryn Hirsch
From Pat Machalinski in honor of Midnight
In memory of Grady Tate Newton. Thank you, PRNE – From Wendy Newton
Buddy Orbanes (our rescued poodle) wants to be an “angel” to everyone! From Anna and Phillips Orbanes
In loving memory of Niki, the sweetest little girl from Angela Smith.
In Memory of Vermont’s Fancy Obsidian (“OB”) From MJ
In loving memory of Niki, the sweetest little girl. From Angela Smith
Patricia DeMaria-Bocchino
Regina Y Sullivan
From Scott and Rochelle Chambless and Molly and Frankie too!
In Memory of Arthur from Diane Lonardo. On May 18th 2012 said goodbye to my beautiful boy, my soul. Miss you every day my sweet boy.
Eleanor and Kent Mathews
Bauni and Stephen King
Belinda Carter and Sophie
In Memory of OB Belben from Jeannette Belben (and Auntie Grass)
Maria Ciampa
Jo Somers and Gucci:”Kisses to all the poodles!”

In memory of Harry, our “Little Man”. You’ll be in our hearts forever ~ The Garvin Family.
In loving memory of Half Pint ~ Kelly
Thank you for taking such good care of April in her later years! Pebbles sends her love and hope she finds her forever home ~ Kris Cooper and Pebbles
For April ~ Angela Ruivo
Some help with April! You’re the angel for giving this poor baby a quality of life ~ from Gina Spencer
For April and Howie ~ from Buddy DeNike
Amy Alpert ~ for April… from my little Gracie
Janice Tomlin, in honor of Howie
Charles Clark
Choong Gaian
In Remembrance of Marguerite Eckner who loved all her poodles. From Gayle and Mike Feher
In Honor of Benji from Sharon and Bill Bryson
Here’s to a good recovery for Baby! From Marcella Stasa
Karen Jarsky
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for all you do for our poodle friends! -Andy and Jodi
Please use for whichever poodle needs it the most. In memory of Ichigo, my one in a million dog~Deena Haragan.
Janet Dawson

Christine & Dennis Carsno
For Baby, in memory of Marvin~Patricia DeMaria-Bocchino
In memory of Marvin from Deborah King
For Baby from Karen Feitelson
Dana DiNuzzo
Victoria Hansen
Thank you for all you do for animals! From Cynthia Taranto
Susan Jahss Angle
R Scott Chalmers
Nancy and Joan and Sugar
Diana Draheim
In Honor of my beloved PRNE rescue, Midnight. From Pat Machalinski
In Memory of our beloved brother, Jack. Love, Pogo, Buddy, and Titi.
Victoria Lodge
Sharon Davis Green and Moppet
Joe Riley
Kristin Cooper and Pebbles
Kathleen Zalla
In memory of my special Arthur, 3 years ago you went to the bridge, forever in my heart-Diane Lonardo
In Memory of Riggsy Goodman from Michele Tamaren
For Bea from Lisa Perkins
Brook Stewart
In Memory of our Beloved Maximilian from Bauni and Stephen King
Corrine Castrini
Susan Lee
To help with the cost of Marvin’s upcoming surgery, from Titi De Nike
In memory of Ashley.  Fly free sweet angel ~ the cardinals sing for you.
For the care of Diamond, a PRNE foster-Dana DiNuzzo
In honor of the senior fosters, Titi and Sadie from Karen Feitelson
For Lisa Lieberman and Lucky from Francine Stieglitz
Bonnie Cranin
Katherine Bunn
Eva Dewitz
In memory of Lola in honor of Brian Lannigan’s 40th birthday

In memory of Edgar Grant from Susan Schardt
In memory of Edgar Grant from Kathleen Walker
Marvin the 19yr old poodle who is being fostered. Thank you! Merry Christmas
Marvin & family, Happy, Healthy New Year!!! Love, Your Pals in PA-Karen Feitelson
In celebration of Matvin’s 19th birthday from Ellen Fritch
Happy belated 19th birthday to Marvin and many, many more!! Love, your pals in PA-Karen Feitelson
In honor of 19-year-old Marvin and all seniors!-John Hopwood
For Marvin from Kelly Keiley
For Marvin from Michelle
To help celebrate Marvin’s 19th birthday & help other poodles in need!! –Greg Smalley

For any dog in need from Sandra L MacGregor
In Celebration of Brian Lannigan’s 40th birthday from Christine Sampson
In honor of Brain Lannigan from Edward Komar
Cheryl Magwoo
Jennifer Deegan
Susan Juffre
Susan Connolly
Jon Hopwood for Titi
In Memory of Lola Lannigan from Julie Fenton
Courtney Mulcahy
In Honor of Princess from Mary Gardner
In Honor of Gracie from James and Cheryl Crotty
For all the poodles from Lynn Devaney
Grace Billings
Stanley Richards
In Memory of Tucker from Pamela and Ronald Demaria
In honor of Midnight from Patricia Machalinski
From Dana Folco on behalf of Blossom
Nancy Ross
In Memory of Tucker Bocchino who was deeply loved, From Lorraine and Richard Churchill
In memory of Jimmy and in honor of Johnny-Claude, from Gretchen Gott
This is honor of Nicky “Noodle” Staats who passed at the age of 15 and a half, Feb 1, 2012. From Courtney Anstett
In memory of Cooper and Ollie, two little old men adopted from PRNE. Thank you for helping poodles of ALL ages!! Lainie and Karen Waldvogel
In memory of Whaler, Mystic, and Belle. From Bob & Crim
Keep up your good work! Susan Manning
For Fifi, For the great work you do. And Tia, too. Judy Yannaco
For Sweet Carolyn! From Patricia Woodlyey
In Memory of Fred, a beloved family member for 13 1/2 years
From Rebecca Felch, in honor of Judy Pash and her PRNE-rescued poodle, FiFi
Hug and kisses to you Arthur, All our love, Chrissy, Olivia & Jack
From Lesley Mathews
In honor of Arthur, rescued in 2005 and passed to The Rainbow Bridge in 2012. We will always love you. Love, Jennifer Hawkins
From Katherine Benedict-In Memory of Colette and Lily
In memory of Genevieve Grace, the loveliest little poodle our family could ask for.
In memory of Lucy and Jasper and the many years we all shared together.
Gloria Alvino in honor of Bear Skaggs
Barbara Fitzpatrick in honor of Bear Skaggs
In celebration of Deb Maher’s birthday! From MaryAnn Calcagno
We would like to thank Sheryl and her fiance for opening up their loving home to our sweet little Shianna and for their generous gift to help other precious dogs.
In memory of Tia.
In memory of Irene Feldman, an angel of a mother & grandmother to Anne & Becca Aronson. The Makovers.
In memory of Irene who loved poodles. Ave, Amanda and the Gang
In memory of Irene Feldman. Amy and Tony Moore
For Max in memory of our sweet red Robbie – Lee DeCola and family
Ann and William Equitz
Beverly Ferrante
Oct 24, 2005, Arthur came into my life & heart. This donation is in his memory. I miss my sweet little boy every day. Diane Lonardo
In memory of Cassie and Jake. Gary, Helene, Cara, and Julia Gomes
In memory of Sparky from Carol Tierney & Joel Rosenberg
For all the rescue poodles at Christmas, in memory of my Tia. From Judy Yannaco
In Memory of Sparky, From Carol Tierney and Joel Rosenberg
Happy birthday to Julia Levin, a passionate poodle lover. From Nicole Hersel
From Rozanna Patane
Andrew Manca
Brenda Boda
Anne St John
Nancy Bunker
Judith Rosen
In Memory of Tristan and Justin from Pamela Child
Sarah Wilcox
Cynthia Fawcett
Claudia Goldie
Judith Rosen
Nancy Bunker
Nicole Hersel
David Wisholek
Anne Speakman